The Summit | Colorado Springs 2013

John Stevens Class: 2 Lines Interacting


Great memories of our class. Thank you for sending pictures. Some serving as memory aid or reminders. Others, snapshots of various moments, exercises and the great work and people who participated. We know these are works in progress, rather than finished works.
The photographers were: Amity, Thea, Lisa, Takako, Bella, Sally, Cheryl and one other unidentified. The class: Elissa Barr, Beverly Wittkopp, Dotti Cornelius, Lisa Kivland, Thea Paul, Amity Parks, Margaret Cottle, Bella Chang Fong, Donna Whitman, Jeanne Dittman, Sally Sanders, Linda Hancock, Sylvia Kowal, Takako Takigawa, Cheryl Burlett, & Faye Maxfield

To the photos


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